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Aperon is Democratizing
the Global Cannabis Supply Chain

through standardization, decentralized exchange protocols and technology.

Revolutionizing How Cannabis Does Business Takes An Ecosystem

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Aperon is building the trading infrastructure for global cannabis by connecting quality supply with global demand using decentralized technology, exchange tools and protocols.

The Aperon ecosystem includes quality verification, an online marketplace, and data and insights, all with the mutual goal of developing and supporting a cannabis industry based on trust, transparency, standardization, evolving technology, data sharing and consumer-driven fair market pricing. Discover how each branch of Aperon supports the ecosystem as a whole.

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Fair Market Certified has developed and introduced a worldwide grading standard for all types of cannabis material and products. Our goal is to empower the sustainable growth of the cannabis industry throughout the entire supply chain. The ICHS currently holds standards for flower and will soon be adding extracts and concentrates. We look forward to collaborating with standards organizations such as ASTM to further develop worldwide standards.

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Quality Verification

The world’s 1st third-party cannabis and hemp quality verification, grading, appraisal and certification service. Our cannabis specialists evaluate and qualify cannabis and hemp material using the ICHS process, standards and 100-point scale to create a Certificate of Grade (COG) which provides clear, concise data on market value, material attributes, and progress tracking from harvest to harvest. Utilizing our proprietary purpose-built grading application, our COG, and the services of on-the-ground expert graders, we put the power of data in the hands of buyers and suppliers, instilling trust and transparency all along the supply chain.

Big Tree Grading
was our partner in developing and deploying the first version of our app, and we are excited to see this technology become decentralized with more development. We are opening up our third-party environments to stakeholders that benefit from a marketplace serving the industry, networks of networks, and uberized grading.

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The world’s first quality verified bulk, wholesale cannabis online marketplace. Access 100,000+ pounds of graded material from 100s of local suppliers and see a 90% reduction in returns with third-party quality verification and our exclusive Certificate of Grade (COG). Our professional brokers and customer success team leverage a wealth of industry experience to create a consistent, reliable supply chain which allows your business to scale. The marketplace is opening up to stakeholders that desire a platform that serves the industry, and networks of networks.

Tamerlane Trading is our first collaborative quality-verified marketplace and we're excited to continue to build on this and grow.

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Data Insights

Aperon is enabling the success of the cannabis industry through unparalleled market intelligence and consumer trends, removing the guesswork from decision making. At the heart of a new web of cannabis data through enabling data exchange, we will utilize our unique data sets ⁠— and in the near future AI and machine learning ⁠— to allow us to forecast pricing trends, best products to produce, value add vs cost analysis on processes, when to sell, and when to hold product.


At Aperon, we empower everyone throughout the supply chain from seed to sale with a suite of digital tools that facilitate a better understanding of the product's value, its quality, composition and provenance.

  • Capture inventory data
  • View generated appraisal information
  • Record product defects
  • Grade attributes based on the ICHS 100-point scale
Capture inventory data
View generated appraisal information
Record product defects
Grade attributes based on the ICHS 100-point scale

Grading App

It all starts at the farm, where product type, process, and quality can be documented using our proprietary Big Tree Grading App. The app guides the user through a standardized ICHS evaluation process, enabling capture of authentic information at the beginning of the product's life-cycle.

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The Marketplace is another key part of our technology suite. Quality-verified marketplace environments provide a place for buyers and suppliers to connect, and are the future of ensuring high fidelity transactions. Analysis of transaction data gives us early warnings of changes in market trends, price pressures, and consumer preferences.

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Data Insights

By nature of its central coordinating role in the supply chain, Aperon is uniquely positioned to capture unexposed data on product quality, specification and volume of movement between specific parts of the supply chain. Aperon has a near integral view of cannabis material’s cultivation history, provenance and composition. We use private and secure blockchain technology to notarize both product and market data in real-time. Digital notarization enables provable product traceability and authentic quality certification that can be shared back with our clients, regulators, partners or consumers.

Data Products

  • Report appraisal

Notarized Pricing Appraisal

The Pricing Appraisal report provides our clients with a realistic pricing range that reflects current market circumstances and the unique qualities of a specific batch of product.

  • Report certificate

Notarized Certificate of Grade

The Certificate of Grade (CoG) is our best assessment of a product's value. Certified quality grading of the product leads to better product differentiation and premium pricing. Certificates of Grade are available as a PDF file, IPFS key, or ERC-721 Token on the Ethereum Network.

Who Benefits from Aperon's Services?

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  • Buyers & Sellers of Cannabis and Hemp
  • Growers
  • Processors
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Multi-State Operators (MSOs)


  • Marketplaces & Exchanges
  • Brokerages and Brokers/Agents
  • Insurance Companies


  • Brands
  • Customers
  • Retail Chains


It sounds far-fetched⁠—the whimsical concept of a dreamer⁠—but the idea is far more grounded in reality than it may at first sound.

Why We Believe In Cannabis

PLASTICS: Hemp plastics take about 6 months to decompose and are biofriendly. Traditional plastics require up to 400 years to decompose and introduce harmful chemicals to the environment.1

FABRIC, TEXTILES, ROPE: One acre of hemp produces the same material as 2-3 acres of cotton.1

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Studies have shown hard evidence that cannabis can help mitigate some of the symptoms of MS.2

BUILDING MATERIALS: Hempcrete is 7x lighter than concrete and just as strong, and 10x stronger than steel while being 6x more efficient at mending and bending.1

SLEEP DISTURBANCES: Early studies have shown moderate evidence that cannabis can help with sleep issues related to a variety of ailments.2

PAPER & CARDBOARD: Trees require 10-30 years before they can be used for paper. Hemp takes 60-90 days. Paper from trees can be recycled 3x. Hemp? 10x.1

ANXIETY DISORDER: Early, limited research has shown promise in the use of medical cannabis for anxiety disorders and conditions such as PTSD.2

ENERGY: Hemp fuel is biodegradable, non-toxic, and produces less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels.1

CANCER: Evidence shows conclusively that cannabis can help manage nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy treatment.2

CHRONIC PAIN: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reports conclusive evidence that cannabis can help manage chronic pain in adults.2

1. Rodale Institute. (2019, November). 5 WAYS HEMP CAN SAVE THE PLANET.
2. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. (2017, January). THE HEALTH EFFECTS OF CANNABIS AND CANNABINOIDS.

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